May 2019 – What Did You Do to Prepare This Week/Month

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    Late getting this month started (but ANYONE can start the new one…hint, hint.) Had to buy a new fridge today…the other one is out of warranty and needs repairs that will cost more than the replacement I just bought. got a REALLY good deal on it, because the manufacturer send it without the handles (which I can buy and put on) they will deliver it for free, and even with the 5-year warranty, I STILL paid less than the sale price, thanks to military discount.

    The two pear trees that I salvaged from the pocket gopher attack have definitely survived (started leafing out), so only had to buy one replacement pear tree. Also found (and bought) a dwarf Cavendish banana – it’s in the greenhouse now.

    Have also planted out (from things I had growing in the greenhouse) the emmer wheat, calendulas, poppies, artichokes, Romaine lettuce, and huckleberries.

    Had to process my Rouen duck this morning…dog got into the garden and grabbed her, breaking her neck. Rather than waste the meat, went ahead and processed her, and got her into the freezer. It was interesting, though…seeing eggs inside her in different stages of development.



    The “large planting trays” I had ordered arrived….WAY bigger than I had anticipated. One of them covers the entire length of the metal shelving! Haven’t had the chance to get them onto the shelves since I was working overtime this week.

    Made a great score on waterproof boots for husband and myself. Insulated (rated to -25 degrees) with neoprene uppers (and enough stretch to get over my calves, because I do NOT have thin legs). Original price was $90, but they were 70% off, so even after sales tax, got BOTH pairs for less than 2/3 of the original price of one pair.

    Also picked up another pear tree to replace the only one out of the three the pocket gopher took out that I couldn’t save, and a small orange tree. Hope to get them planted while I’m waiting for the delivery guys to come with my new refrigerator.



    Gggrrr…was waiting for the phone call letting me know when my new refrigerator would be delivered…got the call, but they rescheduled it for tomorrow. So, Husband decided he wanted to go into town with me this morning, to get an off-brand Yeti-type cooler (just a little bit smaller, but $220 less, AND, it has WHEELS, to make moving it easier.) We got the cooler, then he wanted to check on post about getting a new holster. He didn’t get a holster, but we BOTH ended up getting new bang-toys 😀 then went to pick up just a few groceries (seriously limiting what needs to be refrigerated until the new one gets delivered.) After that, went and got more hay (two I brought home with me for the goats, the other 8 for the horses will be delivered Monday), then watered everything in the greenhouse. Also planted the pear tree that I had purchased to replace the one I couldn’t save (the others are leafing out now.)



    Got the new refrigerator in yesterday (We had to take the front door off the hinges and take the doors off of the refrigerators to get the old one out, and the new one in.) At first, I thought they were bringing the wrong refrigerator, since the one I bought did NOT have handles (the manufacturer forgot to put them on, which is why I got it so cheap) and this one did. One of the delivery guys replied that they had some handles in their “open box” area, so he put them on the fridge for me :D: Did some rearranging in the kitchen that opens things up a little more, but still need to get things put back together.

    Have another line on a bull, AND another cow. Guy who delivered the horse hay today has a 2-year-old bull and a cow in milk that he’s tired of feeding. He just has to clear it with his father (who has made rather a pet of the bull), but if he gets the OK, he’ll let me have them both for $800.



    Weird, IceFire, it shows 4 of your last posts exactly the same.

    I’ve been busy the past couple weeks with company, and getting stuff done in between the torrential rains!

    The raised bed gardens are growing great – potatoes are doing good. The cabbage/brussels sprouts/cabbage are looking leafy, don’t know if they’ll grow in the future heat, but we got them for free so we gave it a shot. My deck garden is doing wonderful, too. The tomatoes are in cages now, and everything is leafing out well. Also, my peach tree has tons of peaches – hope I get them before the raccoons.

    We did our usual grocery shopping and yard saling the past few weeks. Most of the grocery stuff was restock, including building up the LTS again. Mostly canned goods.

    Yard saling was mostly small things. Picked up some flannel baby blankets, I keep a stock handy to cut up into burp cloths and wash cloths for future baby showers.

    Husband had invested in some wool blankets a few years ago, and while cleaning out the garage, we found them again. (oops). They smelled horrible, so I washed them in a combo of detergent, borax, and dab of bleach to kill any germs…they still smelled, so I washed them in Mr Clean, of all things! They came out smelling fresh and feeling so much softer. He packaged them in plastic and sealed with the food saver, then they went into the spare blankies box. 🙂



    Don’t know why that post showed up 4 times, but I deleted the extra 3, so now it’s only there once. SUPER busy weekend, between doing Relay For Life in town 30 minutes away and working with a play 30 minutes away in the opposite direction. In the midst of all that, though, DID manage to get about 4 hours of work done in the greenhouse. Got everything watered, then repotted some plants that were outgrowing their pots, plus potted up a whole bunch of plants from the seed starting cells into pots.

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