MD and DELMARVA-PA-WV members "poll"

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    Dem has raised some good points here recently and I am curious. Please list the following in order of precedence and if you wish to add something, plead do so at the bottom.

    Prioritization of concerns for Marylanders
    A. Events
    1-Economic catastrophre (hyper-inflation, currency collapse, creeping inflation, etc) leading to social unrest and commodity shortages
    2-Natural disaster (hurricane, blizzard, etc) leading to massive damage, mass casualties, and impede government response
    3- Electrical/Communication grid disruption (EMP, CME, DOS hackers, etc)
    4- Government overreach induced domestic revolts
    5- Terrorism

    B. Skill Sets you wish to learn more about
    1- Food production and sustainability (GMO debates, hunting/fishing, gardening, canning, etc)
    2- Firearms (status of laws in MD, use, training, etc)
    3- Survival skills (foraging, shelter, etc)
    4- Land/Water Navigation
    5- Supply Storage (food storage, water storage, caches, etc)
    6- Mutual Assistance Groups
    7- Mechanics
    8- Construction/Maintenance Skills

    C- Preferred methods of learning/meeting
    1-Private homes
    3- Public library
    4- Park
    5- Other

    This just a baseline. IF we get more feedback then we can tailor meet-ups to meet needs.

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