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    What I make is more of a Melomel because I prefer a fruitier flavor than regular mead. I follow a standard rule of 1/2/1, that being:

    1 lb pure honey , the darker the better
    2 q. distilled water, or 1/2 water, 1/2 fruit juice – which is what I do
    1 TBSP dry active yeast

    For the fruit juice I use a combination of watermelon, oranges, and cantelope. I know, weirdo! But boil these down and squeesh the juice out of them then set it aside. I’ve heard you can use canned juice, but I always do it this way.

    Next, melt your honey down in the water until it’s all liquid, add the yeast then the juice. Stir until it’s completely liquid and there’s no trace of yeast or honey. Strain into a seperate container just to get any residue out.

    Allow to cool only slightly then pour into jars/bottles with lids that can be easily removed. Allow to cool completely before placing the lids on. Every day you will want to loosen the lid and let the trapped air out. Failure to do so will make a really big mess, I promise. :thumbdown:

    After two weeks, your “moonshine” should be ready to go. Don’t let it ferment for very long. I use a smell test! LOL! I once let a bottle set for a year before drinking, 3 sips and we were toast!

    I’m sure this can be fermented in a barrel if it’s easily corked, but I generally use old wine bottles that I’ve kept. I hope y’all enjoy this, I know my family does when I make it. There are tons of good recipes out there. This one will fill 2 small wine bottles easily.

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