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    I knew of a Cattle Rancher in Western Montana who turned his entire cattle ranch into a huge Private Game Refuge/Preserve. 🙂 What the Elk and Deer knew was that they would be safe on his property and would not get hunted or shot at there. 🙂 He had an Elk herd that was pushing 1000 head that went there every Fall a few weeks before even the Bow Season started. 🙂 And Lord knows how many Deer he had there year around of both mule and whitetail. 🙂 They also knew that the Rancher would be putting out lots of Hay for them to eat through the entire Winter, and he would leave at least one huge pasture for them to graze year around. 🙂 He had several hundred acres, maybe as much as 2,000 acres of hay fields to put up hay for winter from for both the cattle and Game. 🙂 The Rancher had water troughs too…huge ones, like 500 gal. size placed in various locations. He also put out cattle salt lick blocks for them. 🙂 The licks were about 12″ to 18″ cubes. 🙂 His property boundaries were well fenced and heavily post with no trespassing signs every 50′ and his gates were always heavily locked. 🙂 He had patrols (employees) who rode his boundaries on horseback and in 4×4 vehicles and they were armed very well and were in pairs or three men. 🙂 There was always a public outcry by Licensed Hunters and the only way to get the Game off his land for hunters to hunt was to drive it off with Helicopters. 🙂 Of course the game would return within 24 hours. 🙂 The Rancher and Fish and Game dept. battled over the issue for years. 🙂 I’m pretty sure they even went to court over it at least once. 🙂 The Judge ruled that the Rancher was within his rights, and that the Fish and Game would just have to continue to drive the game off his land with helicopters and that they had the authority to do so. 🙂 But what was the Big attraction to the Rancher’s haven??? 🙂 If you don’t know, reread this post. It is here in black and white. 😀 P.S. Elk and Deer meat make excellent Jerky for winter meat supplies. 😀 🙂 Lifelong

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