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    I was reading another thread and it occurred to me that people may underestimate the amount of meat they need to sustain themselves if they are living off of the land. Granted my caloric requirements are much higher here in the artic, but even doing strenuous physical activity will bump up the requirements for everyone. I eat about 3 to 5 pounds of meat a day in the winter, 1 to 3 pounds a day in the summer. Even eating 3 to 5 pounds of meat a day in the winter I end up loosing weight by the time spring rolls around. To get this I generally take: 1 moose, a few bears, and 2 or 3 full boat loads of salmon. Of course this is supplemented (to a limited extent) with beaver, lynx, grouse, ptarmigan, and if I am really hungry wolf or fox or martin. The salmon is divided between humans and dogs, but the rest of the meat is just what is needed to sustain us for the year. To get these foodstuffs it requires 1 20 round box of .300 win mag and 2 50 round boxes of .22 along with about 50 to 75 gallons of unleaded fuel, plus dogs & traps for the winter. If you were to do this without the fuel it would drive the caloric requirements up even higher, because a outboard engine uses less energy than a human arm paddling a canoe. I would guess it would probably take a extra bear or two to replace the energy of the unleaded fuel. Replacing the ammo with arrows would again drive up the caloric needs, but not as much.

    Just some food for thought for those that plan on supplementing their preps with wild game or plan on living off of the land. Anyone planning on trying to supplement or live off the land should try it now to see if your area is able to sustain them, before counting on this as a method for survival.

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