Meet and Greet and a Shoot Fest

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    Would any one be interested in a NM Meet and Greet and some shooting fun in Las Vegas NM? We would also welcome north west Texas, southern Colorado and the the Oklahoma panhandle (and any one else who would want to come FTM).

    Las Vegas has a fantastic free and unsupervised Rifle and pistol range that was once the training range for the now defunct Camp Luna[1]

    If any one wants to camp I can probably get an OK to camp on the range itself (Very big parking area!!!) as I am on the steering committee for the range.

    [1]- Camp Luna (1904 – 1945?), near Las Vegas. NM National Guard summer training area, known under several different names until 1929. Federalized in 1942 for WWII training. USAF Airlift command trained at location as well.

    The 200th Coast Artillery, Anti-Aircraft, formerly the 111th Cavalry of the New Mexico National Guard, trained here before deploying to Philippines in November of 1941. About half of the men died either on the infamous Bataan Death March of 1942, or in Japanese prison camps afterwards.

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