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    Saturday, May 8, 2010
    1:00 pm
    Shakey’s Pub & Grub
    7718 Hwy 42
    Florence, KY 41042
    (859) 647-6458

    I-75 north or south take exit 180 (if you’re heading south, you will turn left off the exit; and if you’re headed north, turn right off the exit)

    There are 3 traffic lights to go through. It is a pretty short distance off the exit to get there.
    Landmarks: Bob Evans on left
    BP gas station on right

    Burger King on left
    Rally’s on right

    The third light will be at the corner of Hwy 42 and Ewing Blvd. Shakey’s is in the “strip” on the left across from the Wildwood Inn. You can either turn left onto Ewing and turn right into the “strip” or go through the light and turn left into the same. Shakey’s is on the far end.

    Hope some of you can make it.

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