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    If enough interest is generated I’m thinking of hosting a meet up at my place here in the Brookfields for MA preppers. My neighbors from CT, RI, NH and anyone else close enough would be welcome to attend.

    I was thinking mid to late summer would be a good time to interface and compare notes. By that time I should have a good handle on the garden and be a bit further along on my preps. This would be an informal affair, semi pot luck, I could toss hot dogs and burgers on the grill and exchange ideas.

    For those interested we could also trek down Rte. 9 a few miles to the Rock House(in cars), a nature preserve with a few miles of moderate to difficult hiking. Or you could wander around in my woods out back and check out the wetlands.

    We have a very primitive firing range out back and I could check the availability of the sportsman’s club we usually use and see if non-members can be guests of ours. However, please keep in mind that MA only has reciprocity with Vermont and Alaska so that detail would have to be worked out.

    Speaking of details, please respond with suggestions and interests, a date and a plan. If enough people are interested I can update this thread as we go along. Or, if you had another place in mind we could make other arrangements.

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