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    there’s talk of peak oil, rising oil prices, the human cost of oil, oil spills, third world countries being exploited, rivers being polluted with byproducts of oil, and all kinds of risks and social and environmental issues that preppers can and do talk about when it comes to our fossil fuel based economy. But here’s a prepping lesson you can learn from Texas City, Texas;


    Poisonous gasses and refinery accidents and fires are a necessary hazard of a petroleum based system of economy and industry. As one expert says in this episode of Mega disasters, “You cannot have a 100% safe refinery.” Multiple chemicals that could be spilled are covered in this program, including past releases of dioxin, chlorine, and hydroflouric acid. Accounts therin also include the second worst man made disaster in American history after September 11th.

    This also gives details about a product used in the refining process, hydroflouric acid (sp) which can become a deadly, volitile poison gas cloud if accidentaly released. Both its effects on humans and its effect on the environment. There are actual signs a prepper can learn to follow after hydroflouric acid has been in an area that can show them the path the gas cloud took. The episode also explains the debate over alternatives to hydroflouric acid, which have to do with volitility vs. increase in number of equipment and likelyhood of accidents.

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