Metal Roofs?

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    We have gotten a quote on a new metal roof and are getting another one today. The money we are getting from the insurance company for wind damage to our shingled roof will cover the cost of the metal roof (minus deductible). One question to you, Tigger, or any other forum members who have experience with metal roofs. One of the roofers recommended against a metal roof because, according to him, metal roofs will start leaking around the screws after about 10 years. He said the little gasket on the bottom of the screw head fails, letting water in by following the screw thread down into the roof structure. We continue to search the internet, but have yet to find out anything helpful.

    We would like a metal roof because they last longer than shingles, are fire resistant (we are surrounded by woods), hail resistant, can take 120 mph winds, and with a reflective coating qualify for the fed’s energy tax credit because they reduce energy use.

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