Methods of Freezing

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    Photon Guy

    So the most common and well known and used method of freezing is to simply put food in the freezer. This is good up to a point. If the power goes out, unless you’ve got some sort of backup electricity freezers become useless. And, even if you do have all the electricity you need to run the freezer, even food in a household freezer has limits of how long it will last. Often around Christmas I will buy the really good peppermint ice cream which they usually only sell around Christmas and some of it I will try to keep for the summer but usually in July the ice cream will not be the same as when I first got it even though I had it in the freezer the whole time. So, even in freezers food will go bad or change.

    I was thinking of the possibility of using liquid nitrogen although it might be too cold. Im not sure how food will react to liquid nitrogen and there is also the problem of keeping it in its frozen state. I do know that to use liquid nitrogen you need a dewar, a container to keep it in, cryo gloves, and goggles. Ordinary safety glasses are not good enough so you really do need goggles for the best eye protection. Also, from what I know that even in a dewar liquid nitrogen will not last long, a few days at the most. Even if you keep it in the freezer it will not last as the temperature in a household freezer is usually around 0 Fahrenheit and liquid nitrogen is below -300 Fahrenheit. If there was a way of keeping the food in its frozen -300 Fahrenheit state maybe this could work, Im not sure.

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