Migraines link to plastic cups and bottles:

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    Migraines link to plastic cups and bottles:

    Think about all the plastics we use, sitting there for years and years and years! Maybe the Zombies will evolve from the survivors of SHTF. Swamp


    Researchers suggest migraine sufferers should limit their risk of exposure to BPA by cutting out the use of plastic microwave trays, cups and bottles Drinking water from plastic cups or bottles could be giving millions of Britons headaches. New research shows that a controversial ‘gender-bending’ chemical in synthetic packaging may trigger migraines. Bisphenol A (BPA) has already been linked to a range of heath problems including obesity, infertility and heart attacks. Now the latest study – published in the journal Toxicological Sciences – points to BPA causing the debilitating headaches which afflict one in seven UK adults. The authors urge sufferers to strip out potential sources of contamination from their daily diet, which include plastic microwave trays, bottles and office water coolers.


    The largest exposure humans have to BPA is by mouth from such sources as food packaging, the epoxy lining of metal food and beverage cans, and plastic bottles.


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