Military Grade Weapons

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    Photon Guy

    There has been much debate over private ownership of military grade weapons. In particular the left wing liberals want private ownership of military grade weapons prohibited but here’s the thing, just what is a military grade weapon? You could say a Beretta 9mm semi automatic handgun is a military grade weapon, anybody with a clean record can buy a Beretta at most gun shops yet its a common sidearm used in the military so you could call it a military grade weapon. Even the Ka-bar knife you could say is a military grade weapon since its a weapon carried and used by soldiers and infantry. If my military grade weapons you mean stuff such as tanks, bombs, shoulder mounted rocket launchers, long range missiles, and thermonuclear devices well private possession of such stuff is prohibited and possession of such stuff in the military is prohibited unless they issue such weapons to you and as far as I know they would only issue you such weapons if you were doing a specific job that required their use. Otherwise you don’t have access to such stuff, whether you’re in the military or not. So, when they use terms such as military grade weapons it can cause confusion and can be a matter of semantics.

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