Minnesota Preppers Roll Call 1/15/2012

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    The APN is conducting a Network-wide Roll Call. All Preppers Please Respond.

    Minnesota Preppers,

    Please respond to this post and let us know what you’ve been doing to prepare lately. Share any tips, ideas or educational information that you might have for others.

    Don’t forget to check back to your state group regularly so you can interact with fellow members. This is very important, checking in frequently will ensure that you don’t miss any new members. If you are interested in starting or joining a meetup, be sure to check into your state meetup section as well.

    *Update, We now have a video that shows you step by step how to join your states usergroup and add your states tag to your avatar. Please watch the following video


    What you can do to support the APN

    1) Check out our new Webstore! Visit: http://www.Store.PreppersNetwork.com If you are looking for food storage, we’ve got it! In the store you will find an excellent lineup of the major food storage brands: Mountain House, Alpine Aire, Backpackers Pantry, Wise Food Storage, and Tomorrows Harvest. We even have some awesome Brear Grylls Products, Water storage and purifiers and several more survival and preparedness supplies. We will always be adding new products, including a new proposed lineup of products made by fellow Preppers, for Preppers. Next time you add to your preps, be sure to remember the APN!

    2) Become a Contributing blogger for the APN. New content to our blogs means more information to share with others. More content and information will attract more traffic and will bring more members to join your states group. More fellow members means more people for you to network with. And what’s more is we even offer you an income opportunity for your blog posts as well as links back to your own site so that YOU can get more traffic to YOUR site as well! Here is more detail about the blogging opportunity:

    Here is a video that will walk you step by step to becoming a contributing blogger:


    Check out some of our new blogs!


    Don’t forget to answer the Roll Call! Simply reply to this post and let us know what you are doing to prepare.


    Checking in! Anyone else prepping? I hope so. I’m near Rochester. Let’s talk.

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