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    Hi All, glad to find this site of likeminded folks. I’m from west-central MO ‘lakes region’. Grew up on a largely subsistance farm and never knew much different til i struck out on my own. my how things have changed since those early days. I’m sure i didn’t realize then that we were in fact living the good life nor that life would bring me full circle back to my roots. Considering myself blessed to have basic ‘prepper’ knowledge and skill sets already in place thanks to my upbringing. Self-reliance, bartering, stocking up, etc… aren’t foriegn concepts as they are to so many. That said, am new to ‘prepping’, heck the word itself is new to me, fortunately have most items and systems already in place to face the perilous times ahead. Am a christian first and would like to get to know others who view the times with their eyes and ears opened as only a fellow believer can.

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