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    Usnea – a natural antibiotic, antiviral, antifungal. If there is one herb people should know how to find and use it’s this one.

    Survival view –

    Scientific view –

    Herbal medicine view –

    I’ve dried and stored usnea for wound poultices, pic one. I’ve also tinctured it for external and internal use, pic two.

    I find it on old fence posts and many different hardwoods. Pics 3 & 4

    I also discovered something interesting. Around here it seems to like water oaks with long horizontal limbs. The power company came through cutting the right away. While they had the boom truck there I asked them to trim a few limbs from and old water oak.

    Each limb had lots of Usnea on the upper side. From the ground I can’t see any usnea in the tree but it’s there. I used a ladder and checked. I noticed the old tree had another form of lichen on the trunk. pic 5

    I started looking for old trees with any kind of lichen. When I found one I’d use a ladder and check the upper surfaces of some limbs. Usnea wasn’t always there but many times it was. The logic being, if a tree has the right growing conditions one lichen why not others. 🙂

    Identity – There are several hundred species of Usnea worldwide. They are all used the same. The easiest way to know the plant is pull apart one of the bigger stems. It will have a white core. If it’s not white it’s not Usnea.

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