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    Clematis catesbyana, satin curls. It’s native to the southeast. It tends to grow in masses of brush along fences, gravel roads and fields. Pic one

    Clematis virginiana, devil’s darning needles. grows just about everywhere east of the Rockies. I find it in all the same places as C. catesbyana. Here it bloomed a month afterwards, but the blooms look nothing alike.

    Pic two. For lack of a better term, the blooms are the dozens of “fuzzy light green balls” in the pic. Doesn’t look like a normal bloom.

    Clematis ligusticifolia, western white clemantis, grows just about everywhere west of C. virginiana, mexico to the arctic circle. It has a normal white bloom. The 2 are favorites with gardeners and can be found around homes.

    About the photo’s, sorry, it’d take someone with good photography skills. These are small brown vines, smaller than the diameter of the lead in a #2 pencil. Small leaves and they love to grow in a tangled mass of vegetation.

    These are the migraine plants I posted about earlier. There is a Clematis species native to Australia named “headache vine”.

    It’s a – Vascular tonic (vasodilator), relaxant nervine, anti-spasmodic, anti-inflammatory. Used for joint pain in fibromyalgia, arthritis, muscle spasms, migraines from vascular atony, anxiety, uterine cramping pain.

    You’ll find the details, prep and dosage here –

    One more bit of information for those new to herbs. You will sometimes read references to “Michael Moore”, a great herbalist, not a crackpot film maker.

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