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    Eupatorium purpureum – This plant is so useful it deserves its own thread. A cool looking plant, well over 10ft tall, big leaves. Easy to spot at 100yrds. Lots of gardeners grow it as well. The leaves on the stalk are whorled, a bunch of leaves opposite each other.

    Tommie Bass used the root to treat type 2 diabetes for decades. He also used it to treat kidney and bladder disease, prostate problems and kidney stones and for rheumatic pain.

    Sorry but I don’t have his dosage or prep. I do know the whole root is used, collected and dried in late summer. Leaves are collected and dried just as it starts blooming.

    These days many herbalists use it for the same conditions, chronic urinary tact problems plus the leaves reduce fevers and body aches that accompany colds and flu.

    This plant is a must for a long term survival situation along with hydrangea. These plants help with type 1 & 2 diabetes.

    There is another plant used for type 2 and I already posted it. I didn’t mention the blood sugar influence because I don’t know the detail. I was only interested in its excellent effect on high blood pressure the day it was discussed out in the woods.

    MnE 04 Huckleberry –

    “Blood Sugar Benefits -They have shown that blueberries (along with other berries) have a favorable impact on blood sugar regulation in persons already diagnosed with blood sugar problems.”

    You don’t have to wait for berries, the inner bark contains the same chemical compounds. Also helps reduce swollen prostate.

    I know diabetes is a major concern for so many people. If I knew details on these plants I would certainly share them. A lot of us are going to be shooting blind in a collapse but knowing what plant to look for in a desperate situation is a real good start.

    I like so many was taught to see the doctor then go to the drug store. The drug store has what will heal you. I still believe that only the location of the store has changed. It’s now in the fields and woods I walk every day!

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