Monitoring Jade Helm 15

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    I started this in another thread but maybe it’s better suited here. Copy below…………..

    In a few weeks Operation Jade Helm 15 will commence. If you don’t know about Jade Helm, look it up. Whether you are a conspiracy believer or support this exercise is not the issue here but to possibly gain some knowledge about how this will affect us in the near future.

    If you have a scanner/s or ham radio equipment chances are you can monitor the low VHF band, 30 mhz – 50 mhz. This is were a lot of ground and helo radio communications take place when the guys are in the field or on the range training. In Jade Helm, a lot of communications will be happening. Not all comms will be in this band, some probably will be in the higher VHF spectrum.

    What makes this possible? The low VHF spectrum can be affected by “skip conditions” if you know about CB’s you will understand. These signals can skip for hundreds of miles. If you by lucky enough to be are able hear these comms you can learn about military lingo and other stuff associated with training.

    If you have a CB and listen and use CB and skip conditions exist you can try going up the band above 10 meters (28mhz) and search a portion of the low VHF spectrum. Since the exercise is taking place in the SW US, skip signals will probably be toward the northeast.

    Here will be a good place to post our findings, without giving out too much. I do believe in a little bit of verbal security here.

    Your thoughts?

    30.0000 to 30.5500 U.S. MILITARY
    30.5800 to 31.9800 PARK SERVICE
    32.0000 to 33.0000 U.S. MILITARY
    33.4200 to 33.9800 FIRE DEPARTMENTS
    34.0000 to 35.0000 U.S. MILITARY
    36.0000 to 37.0000 U.S. MILITARY
    37.0200 to 37.4200 POLICE
    38.0000 to 39.0000 U.S. MILITARY
    39.0200 to 39.9800 POLICE
    40.0000 to 42.0000 U.S. MILITARY
    42.0200 to 42.9400 POLICE
    44.6200 to 46.0400 POLICE AND PARK SERVICE
    46.0600 to 46.5800 FIRE DEPARTMENTS
    46.6000 to 47.0000 U.S. MILITARY
    47.0200 to 47.4000 HIGHWAY SERVICE
    47.4200 to 47.6600 EMERGENCY SERVICES
    49.6000 to 50.0000 U.S. MILITARY

    Note: may be time to sharpen up those search skills among other rusty communication skills.

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