Moscow Saber Rattling – New Missiles

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    Moscow is claiming to have new missiles that we cannot intercept. But they haven’t demonstrated those missiles., They only showed computer simulations of them. (Reminds me of Dr. Evil, from Austin Powers)

    None the less, the threat is serious, and while Russia has its eye on taking Syria and Turkey as its own, we can’t dismiss the idea that they might just eliminate us along the way.

    Whether or not Russia’s nuclear-powered cruise missile is something in development or a capability that will soon be fielded, Karako added this: “What we do know is that in addition to being provocative and invading small countries, they are also elevating nuclear weapons in nation security strategy. They are thinking creatively and innovatively of using nuclear weapons in a different way to coerce the United States and our allies.”

    The Pentagon, for its part, played down the speech, indicating the department was aware of the equipment.

    Pentagon Press Secretary Dana White said Russia’s announcement did not catch the U.S. off guard, to the extent that it was taken into account in the 2018 Nuclear Posture Review.

    “We’ve been watching Russia for a long time. We’re not surprised. And we are prepared,” White said. “These weapons … have been in development for a very long time. Our Nuclear Posture Review takes all of this into account.”

    John Rood, undersecretary of defense for policy, told an audience at a Center for Strategic and International Studies that the new revelations from Russia underline the Nuclear Posture Review’s conclusions.

    “Our concern about Russia’s capabilities, our concern about Russia’s direction and some of the statements we’ve made in the past about the role of nuclear weapons predated President Putin’s speech yesterday. I personally was not surprised to see a number of his comments in those speech. I think its broadly consistent” with what’s been said in the past,“ Rood said.

    “That doesn’t mean I welcome it or it was necessarily the message we would have liked to have received. But I think it was broadly consistent with things that have been said in the past.”

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