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    Photon Guy

    Although not everybody can be called a prepper, it could be said that most people do some sort of prepping no matter how small. My parents were not by any means full fledged preppers but they did some basic prepping stuff. They kept a small fire extinguisher in the house and they also had a shelf where they kept first aid supplies. They made sure the smoke detectors were working and they had good strong french doors with good locks. So my parents weren’t concerned about any zombie apocalypse (figuratively or literally) or any SHTF or end of the world event but they were prepared for stuff at a basic level, and they always made sure they had enough money in the bank and enough saved up for retirement, ect. Financial security in and of itself is a form of prepping and an important one too. So although most people aren’t what you would call preppers, most people nonetheless do some basic prepping. Keeping stuff such as emergency roadside flares in your car as well as a spare tire and keeping a list of numbers you can dial in case of an emergency is basic stuff that lots of non preppers do. Even stuff such as having insurance and belonging to clubs such as AAA is good prepping.
    As preppers, we cover the basics but we expand on that. We do stuff that lots of people don’t. Some of us undergo extensive firearms training and become really good with guns. Some of us acquire medical and first aid knowledge to a great extent where some preppers might even be doctors or nurses. Some of us learn all about gardening and growing our food and might set up our own indoor and outdoor gardens. Some of us acquire tremendous skill in outdoor living and know how to start fires using a bow drill that’s instructed entirely from materials found in the woods, build shelters from scratch, hunt and catch game and fish and know how to prepare it for eating, know what foods in the wild you can eat and what plants can be used for other purposes, the list goes on. Of course, it would take a super human to be able to do everything I listed above and everything else that is included in prepping and so that’s why, as preppers I believe its good for us all to have some basic overall knowledge but we also all have our fields of expertise so that’s why I think its important for us all to work together and for each of us to play our part.
    However, what it really comes down to is that we’re really no different than everybody else. Everybody wants to survive, whether they’re preppers or not. The thing is, non preppers are all wrapped up in surviving in the non apocalyptic world, having enough money, being able to hold down a job, being able to pay the bills, being able to make ends meet, keeping up with the Joneses, ect. but even they do some stuff that us preppers do as I mentioned above. As a prepper, I also think its important to do well in the non apocalyptic world but we should be prepared for anything, or at least we should do our best to be able to handle whatever comes our way. So to all you other preppers out there, prep on!

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