Mother Nature Strikes Again

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    Wow, Mother Nature needs to give it a rest! We just got over hurricane Irma then got 10″ of rain yesterday!!! It filled up two 30 gal. trash cans I’d left out and flooded the lanai, side and front yard. We’re scheduled to get rain every day this week. Holy smokes! I Just spent 2 days, and a considerable amount of money, loading chemicals into the pool to get it rebalanced after Irma. Guess we’ll be making another trip to the pool supply store. Ugh!

    Oh well, it could be worse. The folks 10 miles south of us were told not to flush 😯 , do laundry, or shower as the sewer system couldn’t take any more water.


    Another “Mother Nature Strikes.” A microburst and hail hit the garden while we were gone this evening. Husband and I were returning from “date night”…as I came up the drive, I noticed that my 10×12 greenhouse (that I JUST bought and put up a few months ago) was NOT were it had been in the garden…it was over the fence in daughter’s “dog yard”, and while it looks like most of the polycarbonate panels are intact, the entire frame (to include the base) is a twisted wreck. It also took the blossom off of my big sunflower (so much for saving seed from THAT one!) The steel shelving that I had a lot of the plants on was also collapsed…at least one of the legs is completely bent. Hopefully, we can pound it back straight. We were trying to salvage the plants as it was getting darker by the minute. We couldn’t do anything about the greenhouse tonight. Tomorrow, we’ll see what we can salvage from the panels, doors, and window vents; then the plan is to use wood to re-build the frame, and attach the panels to that.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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