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    My house does not have a bathtub. It only has a shower stall, approx. 3ft. by 3ft. and a double shower curtain. I wanted to be able to take a long warm soaking bath and the way the house was built did not allow for expanding or adding onto the house to remodel the bathroom. Then I noticed a classified ads in the for sale section of a local “Shopper” publication. I called the Lady who placed the add. She owned a very old large two story house that she was remodeling and was dividing it into 2 apartments, one ground floor and one on the second floor. She had 2 of these cast iron tubs and wanted $150.00 each. I said that I wanted one of them and would drive from Helena to Bozeman with a trailer and a friend to buy one and she agreed to hold one for me. The trip was 100 miles each way. When I got it home. We unloaded it. It was very heavy and all the two of us could do to unload it and was just as hard to load, even with ramps. I decided it needed to be on a platform base with huge castors. I wanted to be able to keep it in the garage shop and roll it out onto the concrete patio to use it. The base is made completely of 2×6 lumber with screws (not nails) and 5/8 inch plywood. The whole thing has 2 coats of white enamel paint. The castors are heavy duty and 4-6 inch size wheels. Two of the castors on one end are fixed. Two of the castors on the opposite end can swivel and lock in place with a foot pedal. Then I modified the drain with plumbing fittings and adapters to attach a drain hose. Since the water is wash water or (grey water) and not sewage it can be drained out into the gravel driveway where I live. Now that the tub is on a rolling platform it would be fairly easy to transport to a bug out or other location. These old relics should be saved and preserved. They are much more comfortable to lay in than any regular modern tub and much deeper. I am sure that tub is years older than I am since the house it came out of looks to have been built right after WWII ended. Well, they aren’t for all Preppers but rural Preppers with a steady, reliable water source might find it to be a good thing to have. A nice warm bath for Barter maybe?? 🙂 Lifelong

    Frances berry

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