Moving to Maine, seeking community and friendship

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    I am looking at properties in Maine and would like to find out where the best place is to find a like minded community. I am new to prepping and will need the support of a community. I also believe that none can stand alone and as human we need community. We need others to help and support now, during and post crisis.
    I was raised in a catholic army family and would like to find a group of people with a same core values to offer my skills to.

    ANY and ALL advice is welcome and greatly needed.

    Are there any groups that would reach out? Fear of moochers and parasites. Fear of government. I can see those as being reasons why some would remain silent.

    I would love to find a hidden away property and stock it for a decade, but that doesn’t seem a viable strategy. Not in the long term. Being a valuable participant in a small community has always been the way humans has survived every disaster.

    So my real question is? How do I find a good group of good people that have their poo poo together and then get vetted by them? I want to be smart and efficient with the limited funds I have and would like to purchase property adjacent to other like minded folks.

    I don’t want to be conquered, but once I move to Maine, I will be divided from the life I previously knew. The people, friends, and resources. I have survived well on my own for most of my life and feel I can add value to any group.

    Has this topic come up before? can anyone advise me?


    ps. Anyone know any Prepper Priests?

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