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    Pretty new to Prepping and I expect an outlier in this community. Before explaining how I might be an oddball here, I’ll say why I might fit and what I hope to contribute to, and get from, the prepping community.

    A while back I watched a YouTube video where the narrator said to be a good prepper, move to the country, earn the right for support by giving support as a good neighbor. Other than the country part, I’ve always strongly believed that was good advice for any and all environments. I’m now adding the country part. I’m moving from a small town in Central Texas to a very rural area in the Forsyth/Miles City area of Southwest Montana.

    My new place will be off-grid (with propane). I’m looking to develop some level of community with the local neighbors – the standard tract is 50ish acres with a few full time residents. Also, I hope to build a community of small scale animal farming (pigs, rabbits, chicken, turkey, etcetera) on my property. Community, in that I want to have other people have multiple animal businesses on my property. They are the primary owner of the business. I am the secondary partner who helps and provides space, buildings, and whatever I can do to make it work.

    I think a community of profit motivated individuals working together is stronger than a single individual trying to do everything solo. Perhaps I can help a few farm minded young people get started without the high cost of buying land. I’ll be looking for self-reliant type people.

    On the prepper side of things, I’m learning about Beans, Bullets, and Band-aids as well as basic earth friendly homestead skills.

    Off the top I’m a liberal. Absolutely, NOT a left wing socialist. I believe in a hand up, not a hand out. That said, I’ve historically been politically liberal. For example I supported women’s equality back in the 60s and 70s. As a side note, I think that particular movement has swung too far, but that is a thread for another time. Tree hugger? Yeah, it only makes sense that we should treat the environment with respect. However, I know from my research, we can not only coexist with the environment, we can be a good partner to mother nature and help with things like permaculture and soil building farming practices while improving the economics of a give plot of land.

    I firmly believe a person’s ethics and moral based value system is the mark of the man or woman, not the political party they ascribe to. Give me an opposing person I can count on in a crisis any day over a like minded guy who I is unreliable. I’m genuinely saddened by the polarization of conservative and liberal as both sides bring plenty of good to the table.

    Further, I am a climate change believer. It does not matter who or what causes it. He said, she said, who did, so what?! What counts is the climate is changing and much faster than anyone expected and that means more severe weather events than we ever expected. Severe weather events are, for those directly involved, a SHTF event. Flooded for two weeks = SHTF, tornado took out your house = SHTF, wildfire burned your community = SHTF. More slowly, temperate growing zone moved north and your farm can’t produce any more = SHTF. Food prices gone through the roof after three years of drought / flood cycle =shtf (small case because this will be more gradual though still very painful).
    So yes, I’m a climate change motivated prepper.

    What do I hope to get here? Friendly supportive conversation. Tips on how to thrive in the off grid prepping community.



    Hi, Are you still out there?

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