Moving to NC Looking for Souce of Wheat and Water

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    My daughter will be living in Chapel Hill for the next four years. She grinds wheat and makes her own bread. Are there stores in the area that sell bagged wheat? She is currently in Utah and can buy 50 lbs of Augason Farms hard red winter or white for about $19 regular and $15 on sale. Is there anything like this available in the Chapel Hill area or some other NC city? If so, where and what are typical costs?

    Also, she makes water kefir and has been getting her water from an artesian well. Is there anything similar in the area? She is going to check to see if the city water contains fluoride. If it doesn’t, then she will only need to boil the water before making the kefir.

    It’s hard to get started in a new city/state so hoping someone will have some suggestions as to how to find these items. Thanks,
    SuzyQ, a Utah Prepper

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