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    Cryptocurrency is the future of our economy. As much as I’ve been learning over the last year, there’s no doubt in my mind about it. If you want to get on board, then learn as much as you can. Watch Youtube, follow

    Here are my top crypto pics and why. I prefer to invest in cryptos that have actual utility purpose other than simply being a currency and/or are actually in use now.

    IOTA is my favorite. This is a machine to machine currency built for feeless micro payments between computers and machines. This is about the Internet Of Things. If you understand that automation is rapidly expanding, then you definitely want this one

    NCASH (Nucleus Vision) This cryptocurrency will allow shoppers to walk in and out of a store with their products without ever having to talk to a cashier. It uses facial recognition technology to assign you to the products you buy, and then charges your account when you leave the store. No more credit cards, no more waiting in the grocery line. Walk in, walk out. Several stores are already using this tech.

    Verge: Also another one of my favorites. This is the most popular privacy coin. Buy what you want online from whoever you want. Your digital wallet is untraceable. Your IP address is wiped from any purchases. The perfect currency for money launderers. Decentralized, no government can shut it down. I call it a freedom coin.

    Telcoin. Mobile providers will be able to reward you with telcoins for using their service. It also turns your phone into your own private bank. Lend or borrow telcoins with other users, charge interest, make donations. There are 5 times as many mobile phones as bank accounts. This provides very low fees for money transfers for people living in developing nations. I call this one a Western Union killer. No more high fees for money wires.

    Ripple: Also another Western Union killer. Lightning fast transactions, easy to transfer money bank to bank and internationally. Very low fees

    Golem: Building the worlds largest supercomputer. Connect your computer to their cloud and get rewarded for it

    Rentberry. Decentralized platform for the rental industry. Allows you to negotiate cheaper rates for rent and avoid lengthy rent applications and deposits everytime you move. Rentberry has a proven track record and already been in business for years

    And of course, good old fashioned Gold and Silver. Because hey, the entire grid could go down too. I diversify and prepare for a disaster, or for no disaster at all.


    That’s a decent list of very speculative alt-coins, and I agree blockchain and crypto is here to stay in some form. But those coins are not where most people should start, especially when thinking about prepping contexts as well, not just speculative high-risk high-reward gambles.

    Some thoughts:

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