My Life Is Nothing- -Keep the Flag to the Front

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    People tend to overlook Kansas’ place in history. We are Bleeding Kansas, we were the first to have an all black regiment, even when the Federal Government forbid it.

    The Civil War started here in our great State. A flag bearer by the name of Rovohl was mortally wounded within moments of the first real battle. Others argued over who would now carry it, each one claiming that they were the ones that should have the honor. Then there was debate over if they should carry Rovohl to the back with the surgeons, but Rovohl said no and kept repeating “My life is nothing, keep the flag to the front.”

    I think that we should remember what that Color Guard repeated to his regiment. Flags are important, they remind us of what we stand for, who we are, what we have left at home.

    The flags we bear tells the world who we are without speaking. Our lives are indeed worth something, but great sacrifices have always been made, and that is the true cost of freedom.

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