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    I purchased a house in PA back in 2000. It had two structures on it. I lived in the front structure. The back structure was a two car garage with a rental unit attached at the back. We were the first and only ones to look at the house. When we pulled in front of the house with the Realtor, I said immediately, this is the house. We went to the front door and a 95 yr old pleasant lady said that she wanted to show us around, unusual, but we said OK. She showed us the back structure first. The two car oversize garage with a large attic was awesome and so was the appartment. I whispered to the Realtor, I want the house. We walked around the yard and the little old lady said that she’s throwing in the building lot next store. I leaned over to the Realtor and whispered that I wanted the house. We then went into the main house. It was a built in 1900 and all the woodwork was original. We started in the upstairs apartment with an walk-up attic. It was a beautiful apartment with new carpets. I leaned over to the Realtor and whispered, I want the house. The wife was agreeing with me as well. We checked out the downstairs apartment, ours, and loved it with all that original woodwork. I leaned over to the Realtor and whispered, I want this house. Then she showed up the large basement with several rooms under the ground that use to be cisterns. I whispered to the Realtor, I want the house. BTW did I mention that it was on the market for 2 hours at this point? So we started up the stairs, I was all excited and whispered for the final time, I want the house. We were about half way up the stairs when this little old lady stopped….. turned around…. tilted her head….. and said….. Would you like to see the bomb shelter? 😯 I leaned over to the Realtor and in a loud voice said, I WANT THIS HOUSE!!! I looked at her and said yes!!! :clap: And by the way, when we leave we are going to the Realty’s office and we are going to put a contract together, full price. It’s the only real Estate that I ever paid full price for. My wife rolled her eyes and I didn’t care! I will start to add pictures in a little while. I need to upload them. 👿 Along with, the rest of the story…

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