my preps took a hit for a month or two

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    $2800 for a new transmission.
    Uhh this sucks.

    People ask my why I spent so much for a 94 jeep Cherokee. If its only worth 3800 Kelly blue book.
    Answer I love my truck. It has 114000 miles and the engine runs great, inline 6 can’t beat it. And they run forever. And I’m thinking its old enough where the simple electronics in it won’t be affected by an employee, if that ever goes down. But its killing my preps right now.

    I guess I’ll just bust out another grand and put a 6 inch lift and grill guard on it to make it a mean battle wagon.

    What’s everyone think would you have put the new transmission in, or scrapped it to look for another older vehicle worth the price of the tranny, keep in mind I only paid 2000 and my old dodge Durango which needed an engine to get it.

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