Natural mosquito repellent suggestions?

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    I have been looking for ideas on natural mosquito repellents. I tried the 2 tsp or vanilla extract with one cup water (that I found online), but the mosquitoes were attacking me as I was spraying… I don’t think that one will work. I’ve also read that lemon balm will work topically. Anyone with any experience with this?

    What I’m looking for is something to spray or put at the back door entrance. The skeeters are horrible this year and when we let the dogs in, I swear, we are swatting skeeters for hours afterwards. :'( It’s like they are hanging out at the back door just waiting…..watching…. 😯 We don’t have any standing water near us and they are still wicked this year b/c we are in a wooded area. It’s my understanding that they are really bad this year because of the wet spring.

    I don’t like using OFF or other chemical repellents. I welcome any natural remedies anyone has to offer. I’m really looking for something that I can spray or put at the back door area to repel them. I’m going to try Ammonia or Vinegar b/c they are my go-to answers for just about everything but I have never tried those before for skeeters.

    Also, if you have any ideas on what we can put on dogs (non-chemical) I would certainly give it a try. I don’t use pills or any vet recommended Rx for pests because I really think those things do more harm than good.

    Ideas please?!?!?!



    Those bloodsuckers can be scared off with such natural remedies as basil, peppermint, lemon balm, wormwood, and tansy. To get rid of mosquitoes at home one can use cranesbill in a pot – mosquitoes hate the smell of this plant. Shake the pot to increase the smell. Here one can find other remedies, including traditional and chemical ones. Hope it will come in handy.

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