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    Every month 2 groups in the Quitman/Mineola area give free training on preparedness in all facets.

    Both Groups are on FB NE Texas Preppers and Oath Keeper of Greater Wood County.
    NETP is obvious. Oath Keepers has a program that revolves around preparedness. They call it CPT (Community Preparedness Teams) and it is structured on specialties where most preppers cover all subjects any way. Very Similar to CERTS.

    You can see the calendars on both of these groups pages as they are open pages. You may have to join or like these pages to be able to interact so please select the one that best suits your needs. … terWoodCo/

    The next class in March 19th. The classes are free and open to the public but seating is limited so you must RSVP on one of the pages so we can keep a head count for seating. If it fills to capacity only RSVP people will be allowed.
    It will be on the full spectrum of general preparedness and the goal is to get as many people as possible started on preparedness.

    Many classes have been put to video for out of area people to see

    We have also been very active on Bob Maynes Podcast for a few years doing interviews as well as being guests

    Past classes have been on Hand Held and Truck mount GMRS Radio communications both proper usage and programming.
    Long Term food storage, Canning, water capture and purification.
    There have been hands on Gardening and orchard classes plus the normal classes and videos.
    Map reading and land navigation.
    Medical classes and many others.

    This is a full spectrum network in this area and it is to help educate the public.

    donations are appreciated but there is no cost for the training and there will be no sales pushes. We will tell you who we like in any of the certain areas but we gain no commissions at all.

    Hope to see many of you there or at least to start checking in.

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