Need essential oils revommendations

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    Need to add more essential oils to my preps. I have lemongrass chamomile peppermint, citrus, eucalyptus and tea tree

    Besides buying more of these what are other ones to buy. I’ll do the research and make my buying decisions over the next week and subsequent months.



    Hey. I also buy a herb mixture. While for my hair I always buy the avocado, burdock and coconut oils (I simply massage them into scalp with the wooden hairbrush that I’ve found on Monica’s blog and ordered on Amazon). And for my body, I use the mixture of different oils like: olive & avocado.

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    Lavender essential oil is one of my mainstays. Great for helping with headaches, itching,(ESPECIALLY that annoying itching on the bottoms of the feet when you’re trying to go to sleep) helps you relax and promotes sleep.

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