Needs advice regarding pedestrian accident cases in Vaughan

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    Hi all,

    I need an advice regarding a personal injury case. Last month, my little brother Davis encountered a minor accident on the street. He was on his way back to the home after visiting a nearby library.

    While crossing the road, a motorbike came in the wrong side and hit him. Davis has a small issue with his eyesight. So that his best friend Jane will be always with him while being outside.

    Jane is an eyewitness and she told that the fault is fully with the guy who rode the motorbike. As Davis had his spectacles on while the mishap, some of the glass pieces that broke when he fell on the road unfortunately injured his eye. He is under treatment and the doctor told that everything will be fine, but it takes some time.

    We are going to file a lawsuit against that guy. I came to hear about a lawyer dealing with pedestrian accident cases in Vaughan. I would like to consider your suggestions and opinions before proceeding with the case. Expecting replies.

    Thanks in advance.


    Illini Warrior

    I don’t think you have a clue to what this site pertains ….



    Yes I have…. But I thought I would get some useful advices from this community members. And also, its a family matter too.



    Most p.i. lawyers are in the business for 40% of the take, they should figure out pretty fast if there is anything to win besides a moral victory. I would be leery of any that want money to take the case + a percentage. It could drag on for years regardless, and by then the operator may have disappeared if he had any assets at all.



    Tracey, have you noticed the icon for this forum? I know the name can be misleading since Canada is in North America, but when you combine it with the US flag in the background, it might suggest that this site is primarily used by United States residents.

    Why am I going there? Because very few of us will have ANY clue about personal injury laws in Canada, let alone be able to recommend specific attorneys to handle any cases.

    And when you said it’s a family matter, my head wanted to explode. I had alternating flashes of the Hatfields and McCoys fueding it out in West Virginia/Kentucky, and modern day mob family movies like Goodfellas.

    The only useful suggestion I can make is to talk to your local bar association (I assume Canada uses the same bar association system that the USA does?) They may have a referral program…I know the MA bar association used to have a referral program back in the 90s. Never needed to use it, but I did some IT work for them back in the day.

    That said, when I see personal injury subject heading on an online forum, I tend to just ignore it. But this is a prepping site, so I figured I need to take a peek. Then you got under my skin. Normally I’m a live and let live kind of person since it’s a big world and it takes all kinds to make the world go round. But you come into a house and start asking weird crap and when someone politely points out you’re talking crazy, you double down. Keep talking crazy and I’ll start asking the admins if the old usenet newsgroup filters can be applied here. I haven’t used a twit filter in ages, but it was so useful back in the day….

    Have a nice day, eh?

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