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    No man is an island and while I’ve been prepping for years there is still a lot I don’t know and/or have the skill sets to do. As most know community and/or the village is what helps us survive. My goal is to get off my arse and network with others in the community and hopefully build bridges. I’m looking for family oriented preppers in the Kearney, Grand Island and Lexington area, north and south of Highway 80 in that general vicinity. I would say it’s a deal breaker if your farther away than that, just might limit the amount of time we can get together but at this point I’ll take it. Also I’m not ruling out Alone Wolf’s when I mentioned family, it’s only the LW and me (family of 7 with kids 8 and under) would likely have way different priorities. Anyway I’m getting long winded, maybe just sound off if your interested and we can work out how it would be best to start networking and looking at what ways we can compliment one another, skill sets, etc

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