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    LOL…sorry about the site being down this morning. We had a major Spambot attack last nite. It seems the spambots are getting through the word verification. We had a large number of spambots register from Russia so I was attempting to block all IP’s coming from Russia just like I blocked all of China. Problem was, I was using the Admin control panel to do it and was entering several hundred IP ranges at a time and it overloaded the server. I’m trying something different now, I set up an anti-spambot question that new members have to answer. If the spambots still get through, or if too many real life human spammers get through then the next step will be to require members to join their states usergroup and add their state tag. This will stop spambots as they wont understand what’s being asked of them, and will make it more cumbersome for humans to go through the trouble, however it may turn away members who don’t want anyone to know what state they live in. As far as members outside the U.S. or members from U.S. territories we can create usergroup for them.

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