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    Having a family with four kids under 8 makes this all seem very scary and daunting. I have slowly stock piled enough water for 2 weeks and have some other basic tools and supplies. My next step was getting some type of freeze dried food for 2 weeks. Its all a little overwhelming due to the amount of money that this could take to prepare to keep a family of six prepared and safe. I’m trying to take my time and do a little at a time but I feel like I want to go spend a thousand dollars and buy everything. This website has been helpful and I appreciate the plan people lay out to start prepping in the beginning stages.



    welcome ,I’m sgt.mike I would be happy to share any knowledge I have with anyone who is interested in learning and listening I’ve been doing this a long time and feel I have a lot to share to others just getting started,



    Resist the urge to go out and buy a bunch of stuff all at once! Just start with a few basics – food, water, medical – at first, a little each week or two. Make a plan, think it through, and stick to your schedule. And don’t be led astray by shiny gadgets and gee-whiz gizmos. Don’t worry about barter, or hoarding precious metals unless you have already got a good handle on necessities. Then think longer term: gardening, heirloom seeds, canning supplies, quality tools… and TP! With a family of 6 you know how important it is to not run out of that!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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