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    OK so I am a bit new here but have been around the emergency services for awhile. I am on a mission to get our county CERT-ified (funny right?). I had my first meeting with Emergency Management yesterday and and brainstormed a few good ideas. The hurdle I have to overcome first is getting the ducks in a row and really explaining the “concept”. We currently have City Fire and Police, County Police, County Search and Rescue, and many VFD departments as well as a Red Cross station. I have read allot on this and other sites including the LA Cert site about uses for the teams and some structure of the program. One direction and starting point I am looking at is taking on the education system and maybe even pushing for a TEEN CERT program to work with us. The other avenue will be Homeowner assoc and the like. I feel like this education direction will be a good first step for us to prove our system and get people trained to be trainers and get a strong base in place for the first year or so. With the services my area already has in here often times are enough people reporting to fires and the like but every year we have lost hikers, kids that it seems we never have enough people to really be effective to search. Like I said my hurdle will be convincing everyone that the CERT teams are more of a neighborhood level with the ability to escalate if need be.

    So after all of that my question to you all is any suggestions on other ideas for directions to push and any input on things tried and failed or successful ventures in your areas. The more info I can present the better.


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