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    We have a few new forum rules to help streamline things for our moderators and to make a clearer understanding of what’s allowed and what’s not. Many of these rules are already existing, but will now be enforced.

    Do NOT post personal contact info
    This includes personal e-mail addresses, phone numbers, etc..
    Use the PM system instead.

    Signature Lines

    *Signature lines must be kept to 3 lines maximum and must not include any hate speech, vulgar language, or any racially, derogatory, politically, or religious divisiveness. We understand there is some grey area, and our moderators will be the final arbitrators in deciding what’s allowed and what’s not.

    *One image may be allowed (instead of text) so long as it is not any taller than 80 pixels or any wider than 240 pixels. Images must first be approved by one of our moderators

    *Signature lines may include no more than 2 links to a private blog, website, facebook page or youtube channel, but the links must follow the same guidelines as above. Commercial or monetized links are not allowed unless they follow the guidelines below. Our moderators will make the final call whether or not a link is allowed.

    *Commercial links: We are phasing out the “paid” sponsor signature links over the next 30 days. However, If you have a business and would like a free commercial link in your signature line it must follow these guidelines:

    *If your business has a physical storefront location it must be listed and approved to be on our map. For your business to be on our map it must also offer a discount, coupon or special that is exclusive to APN Gold members and/or your business must be willing to consider barter for your products and services
    Here is the URL to the map:
    You can register here: Register, then click My Map Items, then click Add Map Item, and then fill out the detailed info. Once approved your business will be added to the map and you may then include a free link in your signature line.

    [*]If your business does not have a physical storefront location, then in order to have a free link, your business must first be approved and you must be willing to offer a coupon, discount, or special to our Gold Members. We have a private gold member section that we’ll grant you access to post your specials in.

    [*]Meetup groups and events: You may have a free link to your “Prepper related group” but it must be approved and listed on our map, just the same as commercial links.

    Posting links to non-commercial blogs, youtube channels, etc….
    If you are posting links to your own blog, your blog or channel must first be approved by one of our moderators. You must also be an active contributor here on the forum, and your posts that link to your channel or blog must be relevant to prepping. This is a privilege that is allowed on a case by case basis to ensure that those who are posting links to their blog are also here to contribute, and not just to take advantage of our site just to send traffic to yours.

    Political, Religious, and Off topic posts
    Must not be posted in the general areas of the forum. They must go in their respective areas, and you must join their respective groups in order to post in them. These are the only areas that political posts are allowed.

    Flaming, Name Calling
    Not allowed. If you do it, you’ll be warned. If you repeat it, you’ll get a 7 day ban, if you do it again, you’ll be permanently banned. You don’t own this forum, you don’t get to do what you want in it.

    Strictly prohibited.

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