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    So here’s what we’ve done so far

    1.) Installed bbpress for wordpress. We no longer have a phpbb forum
    2.) Transferred usernames and passwords to the new site
    3.) Transferred most of the main sub-forums
    4.) Saved most content from the main sub-forums. (content from the remaining sub-forums probably won’t be uploaded anytime soon)
    5.) Installed matching template to give the same look and branding as the main blog. This is a responsive template which will work for mobile devices.
    6.) Installed spambot countermeasures for logins and registration. (Please let me know if any spambots get through. I’ve also blocked most nations with the exception of a handful of western English speaking nations. If there are any specific countries you’d like added, please let me know)

    Some things that are left to do
    1.) Finish working out any kinks and bugs in the system
    2.) Improve look and feel of the forum
    3.) Improve speed
    4.) Install mobile app with notifications
    5.) Set up community blogging system

    Some new features
    1.) More added features on your profile pages. You can even create your own custom header.
    2.) Ability to create your own groups and build small communities within this community.
    3.) And more…There’s a lot that this new format does that I haven’t yet learned, I’m sure you’ll start noticing more things that we can do with this.

    Hopefully we can get things back on track. Once we have this running smoothly like a well oiled machine I will send out an email notification to our entire list and all our former members letting them know we are alive and well. If you have friends on your own email lists, you might get the word out to them that we are live again.

    New members will be able to find us much easier from the main blog. We should also see an uptick in membership once we have a mobile app.

    I’m looking into the possiblity of integrating blog posts (not forum posts) with the Steemit blockchain so that if any of you wish to write blog articles you would get paid in steem dollars which are easy to convert into Bitcoin, other cryptocurrency, or even U.S. dollars. This would allow you to blog, earn money, and remain anonymous while doing so.

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