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    Jarl Vjklander

    New here. I’ve always thought self-reliance and personal responsibility should be every human being’s default position. Silly me! Anyway, we have a small farm (10.5) acres, pond, access to the river, lots of apple and other fruit trees. Small vegetable garden. etc. etc. I put in a 5.5 Kw solar system, so I can live off the grid. Well, septic, etc. I’m also history buff and have read Arnold Toynbee and Oskar Spengler. Both describe the life cycle of empires and I have 0 percent doubt that the American Empire is in its death throes. I’m well armed and have planted ash and dogwoods and yews for bow and arrow wood. I have lots of other things re homesteading and prepping, though I’m not at all 100% there.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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