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    Hello All,
    I’m new to (this) forum, however not new to guns. I always ask myself how I can contribute the most to others around me, being in the military (and being known as a gun and knife nut) I’m often approached by my fellow Seabees asking me which knives are best, or if this knife is better or whatever the case may be. So, as I looked in on the firearms section of this forum I see a critical flaw that I feel I, or someone more qualify NEED to fix. I understand this is a recently remodeled forum yet in my opinion I feel that guns, and weapons in general, are one of the extremely essential items need in ANY prepardness plan, be it bugging-out/in. Now I’m not claiming to be MR.Ruger or the CEO of Glock but I know enough in the firearms department, and if I dont know, I can find out through one of my many sources.

    Now please dont take this as a “I’m mightier than thou and all who pass thru.” I am simply offering my expertise/assistance/brain to anyone who would ask it of me. That being said I would like to invite you to ask whatever questions you need answered, whether it be thru PM or here. The way I look at it you all provided this forum, in turn i’d liek to give back to it as much as I can. I also look forward to being a resident of these forums.


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