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    Hello all.

    My name is Jimmy and I am 36 years old and I am fairly new to prepping. I have only within the last year started breaking down everything in small steps so I can slowly but surely progress in the right direction. (both in learning new skills and aquiring items)

    I live in western sussex county and really have not heard or seen anyone else in our area really active in prepping. This kind of upsets me since in a SHTF situtation it is going to put even more pressure on the people who have prepped to either make a choice of only helping and protecting there familes or risking a lot to try and help as many close neighbors and friends as they can.

    If anyone is interested in a get together to talk, shoot, or just drink some beers and shoot the shit let me know. Would be nice to meet up with some people with the same basic principles and mindset.


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