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    I was talking to a friend, who was talking to a friend. And this person said, if you want to know if you are ready and have all, you think you need. Put it to a test. Turn off electric and water for 3 days. Not that we think we are ready or have everything, but we did do this. What an eye opener? Gave us a better idea of what we can and can’t do, and what more we need to do. We did eat good as I can everything we eat. Cold was no problem, as we have propane heater. I quilted a lot of quilts. Not having TV radio was no problem. Gave us the time, to do the things we put off. It was a learning thing. And now we know just how much more we need to do. I do have a laptop with battery and having a generator and a wireless internet was great. I would say my computer (Mac) was what I missed the most.

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