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    Wow mmpaints, being a new member, I am trying to read through this great site and I know this thread is almost a month old, but I never saw this list of laws here in Illinois. I knew a couple, but not all. This one is killing me, College IDs, leases or residence contracts can be used as identification when registering to vote. HB4077.

    Crook (Cook) County actually passed a law in March that requires people who live in Cook County and Chicago ONLY, to be fingerprinted when they sell their home! I wrote the attorney general’s office at the time ranting and raving about this law, like…what do they have to compare my fingerprint to? I have never been in trouble with the law. I have never been fingerprinted, so how in the hell do they know I am who I say I am when I sell my house? While they agreed with what I had to say, they claimed it was out of their jurisdiction. They said it was a valid issue to take up with the county! I guess someone who is trying to sell their home and refuses to be fingerprinted will have to sue first before they remove this “trial” law. That’s whats so strange about it, it expires in 2013. So what’s the point, probably the $25.00 fee the notary’s get to collect for taking our fingerprints!

    So, I guess if you are here illegally, or if you don’t live in the area you claim to, you can just show a copy of a “lease” and vote the Crook County way! Wow, that sounds like an ACORN deal to me.

    This is the new law for home sellers…

    Public Act 95-988 creates a pilot project that is effective June 1, 2009 and terminates June 30, 2013. The new law affects the notarization of transfers of residential real estate in Cook County, and is an attempt to address the growing problem of mortgage fraud in Chicago and Cook County.

    Illinois notaries public who notarize documents of conveyance of qualifying residential real estate in Cook County will be required to create a Notarial Record, take a thumbprint of the seller(s), and provide for record keeping of the Notarial Record to the responsible parties.

    Additionally, the new law states that identification documents are “documents that are valid at the time of the notarial act, issued by a state or federal government agency, and bearing the photographic image of the individual’s face and signature of the individual.” This definition of identification documents will apply to all notarial acts where the individual is identified on the basis of identification documents.



    Yah, I read something about that as it was coming down the lines. Parents live in Hinsdale. I’m ready to cross the river into Kentucky if hubby ever finds a job…


    Sorry to hear that mmpaints, my husband still out of work also. He lost his job last Feb. He had found a job in June at half his salary. He was going to work one day, beginning of the third week when a guy going 55 mph ran the stop sign and totaled the car. He was injured and naturally, insurance hadn’t kicked in yet, previous employer never did send Cobra was quite a blow to us emotionally, physically and financially. Right now we are just keeping the faith while we continue to play insurance games with auto insur. Will keep you in our prayers as well.

    I would run for the hills in a heartbreak if I could, this state is so corrupt, it makes me ill.

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)

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