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    Currently square-foot prepping in Central Ohio in apartment, working towards buying a home in the country. Always looking for more skills – particularly bush-craft, edible plants, etc. Really want to learn how to hunt, harvest and butcher. Love seeing other people’s preps – it is a great motivator! I just scored on some free canned good storage racks from Kroger (don’t worry I called to ask if I could take them). They are 3 rows by 8 individual compartments with a label attachment at the top…SUPER excited, because I love to be organized, but bummed because they are sitting in storage until we get our house. Working on my shooting skills, acquiring more guns and ammo…looking into a reloader – which is best? What other weapons would be good to have/make to have on hand if you cant go out and buy?

    Look forward to getting to know some folks!


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