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    Hello all!

    30 y.o. from West Central IL, but will be relocating to the Eastern TN area within 6 months. My mom taught me as a kid to always have a 3 month supply of anything I might need. When my job of many years up and closed in Sept 2013 I was without work for 6 months. Ended up losing my house and car. I learned very quickly that what I thought was a three months supply was really half that and severely lacking in some areas all together. I learned a lot about what I ACTUALLY needed and how much I could really do without. It was a big eye opener and after last years election, prepping is my #1 priority. That and getting out of Illinois.
    Besides working to meet my 6 months storage goals, I have been working on becoming proficient in cooking, canning/storage, and foraging food. I am a nurse and am continually learning about emergency medical care and medicinal plant use and such for a SHTF/WROL situations. I have even started taking gun lessons at my local shooting range. I was pretty nervous at first but it was love at first shot! I have also been learning about other aspects of prepping from forums and YouTube, but have not been able to do much hands on at this time. After moving, will be looking to buy land in Tennessee near other like minded people.

    Looking forward to learning all I can!



    welcome ,I’m sgt.mike I would be happy to share any knowledge I have with anyone who is interested in learning and listening I’ve been doing this a long time and feel I have a lot to share to others just getting started,you may consider texas friendly people high wages no state taxes and great bar-b-q,friendly neighbors



    Too bad you can’t barbecue fire ants. 🙁 TN has its attractions, if you can stay away from big cities. As a rad tech, I also recommend NOT working for a Lifepoint facility (they’re based in TN and prey on small, rural hospitals). Other than that you sound like you know what you need to do!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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