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    Greetings, everybody, from a new member. I’m not into a lot of protocol, so I’ll get right to it.

    I started a prepper group in Indiana, back when I had ties there. It was supposed to be a group to purchase land, start a large garden, can the produce, etc. I had plans to recruit members with various skills.

    Here’s the description I posted on the home page:

    “Keywords: Self-sufficient self-sufficiency homestead homesteading survival

    “Note: The original plan for the group was to be based in Indiana. We have broadened our search and are considering other locations.

    “The recent disasters in the U.S., along with the possibility of terrorism and economic collapse have threatened us all. The FEMA disaster response and ugliness in the Superdome have demonstrated to everyone with open eyes the folly of relying upon the government during these times. Supplying much of one’s own food and water and entering into compacts with others will provide some security. (For this reason, we must oppose NAIS.)

    “I’m seeking 6-20 people with varying skills to join together, purchase land in north-central Indiana, and a home and trailers, or some combination thereof, and live in a self-sufficient manner, raising or growing much of our own food.

    “Each member will be encouraged to have outside employment. We will have bills to pay. This isn’t really a commune, per se, nor is it a group where Rambo or one of his modern-day followers would feel at home. It’s only about allying to provide for ourselves and each other in the event of hard times and to maximize our liberties.

    “We will need people with various skills. We will work on acquiring or improving these skills as we go. These skills are:

    “hunting & fishing
    HVAC, plumbing, electrical, & carpentry
    vehicle repair
    computer maintenance
    cooking & canning
    general handyman work
    medical & dental skills
    brewing & distilling
    livestock & animal husbandry
    gunsmithing & reloading
    ham radio operator
    general survival skills
    veterinary skills

    “I’m sure there are things I haven’t thought of. If you don’t have these skills but are willing to learn, have a steady job, and can work and play well with others, we can likely use you, too.

    “The people who shouldn’t bother contacting me are Rambos, God-haters, or racists.”

    Things started ok. Several people found me online and joined the group, and we had some great conversations about how to set things up, housing, gardening, security, etc. The problem was that, back then, the economy was relatively sound, and people were a little reluctant to uproot and move. Later, when the economy got rocky, some of us lost jobs or were concerned about finding another job in a new location, so we never quite got off the ground. Occasionally, a new member would join, seemingly motivated, and we’d gain some momentum, but something always derailed us. The most motivated new member, someone with experience in many of the areas we needed, who grew up on a farm without modern conveniences, had to quit a couple weeks after she joined because her daughter was diagnosed with cancer. That’s kind of how things went.

    I grew more frustrated after I saw a similar group start in Texas, and succeed right away after they found a deep pocket investor who purchased the land.

    So, anyway, I no longer have ties to Indiana, and I’m debating making another effort at this, but in Iowa, where I lived long ago, the Dubuque area, specifically. But I’d like to hear some feedback first. Has anyone done anything similar? Has anyone even considered it?

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