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    Hello from Central Michigan.
    I just found this site and am very impressed. I am an 18 year Army vet and have considered myself a “survivalist” for a number of years. I am always trying to learn new things and am willing to teach almost anyting I know.


    welcome noblast! this is a great network with alot of knowledge and ideas. I’m looking forward to swappin army stories with ya 🙂

    Keep your feet and knees together…AIRBORNE!


    Hey all preppers,
    I’m happy to say I found you. I look forward to learning and sharing with everyone.


    Hello. Been a prepper for a while. Actually started for Y2K in 1999. My last project was to add a second (backup, backup, backup) hand pump shallow water well. First one was 15 feet but went 40 feet for this one. Cost me a grand (one third of that was for health department permit) but I have no regrets. Think I am set for a source of drinking/cooking/cleaning water for a lifetime. Get some exercise too with the hand pumping. 😀

    My long term (if I have it!) project is gradually, as funds dictate, adding very strong burglar bars to my windows. They are very strong but yet not unattractive. Done two so far.


    I’m JoeJ and I’m a newbie. My interests are in aquaponics and I’m just starting a new system. I look forward to learning a wealth of information on prepping. Thanks to all of you for being here.


    Hi all! I just sighed up today but I’ve been hanging around for a while. I am new to prepping and still trying to get my hubby on board. The way I see it we are poor and simply can’t afford not too. I’ve saved up some of my own money and plan on making a big trip to start our preps in earnest this coming week. My MIL planted the seed of this as she’s a head at her county health department and has a ‘Pan-Flu’ closet at her house. I talked to her some and realized we need this kind of “Life Insurance” too.

    Hope to get and give lots of info to all you nice folks in the months and hopefully years to come.


    I’m a 41 year old survivalist and now live in Roseville, CA. I have a wife and three girls 24,24, and 19. Me and the wife prep to survive the coming collapse. We are working on a plan to get out of this state and maybe back to my first home state of North Carolina or some other state. It’s nice here but not the place I want to build a life or set up roots. I’m in nursing and have been for 15 years. I’m a woodworker, leather crafter and jack of a few good trades. Me and the wife love to shoot, hunt, fish, hike, and go camping. We both know that something is coming down and it’s not going to be good.


    Welcome to all the new members! This is a great forum for prepping.

    mycomama wrote:
    Hi all! I just sighed up today but I’ve been hanging around for a while. I am new to prepping and still trying to get my hubby on board. The way I see it we are poor and simply can’t afford not too. I’ve saved up some of my own money and plan on making a big trip to start our preps in earnest this coming week. …quote]

    Here are just a quick couple of suggestions:

    — You might want to start with the local supermarket sales and add a few extra items to your cart when they go on a good sale. Remember staples like canned goods and cereals usually go on sale at the beginning of the year. Stock up when that happens.

    — Remember the montra: Store what you eat and eat what you store

    — Lots of preppers have put aside items and when they went to retrieve them, found they were “borrowed” by other family members (who forgot to tell you that they dipped into the preps.) You may want to consider a seperate storage site, similar to what your Mother In Law did with her pan-flu closet.

    — If your family won’t eat it don’t buy it! Even soldiers complain about a steady diet of MREs.

    — Test your preps (I can’t stress this one hard enough.) I’ve had some real surprises when I tested the preps. Some suprises were wonderful like the canned chicken chunks from Costco. They are now staples in the pantry. I’ve also had some horrible surprises like the food from the Dollar Store. If memory serves me right it was “Clover Valley” brand and disgusting. When I put it outside (after it was roundly evicted from the dining room table) the feral cats gave it the litter box salute! It’s not a bargain if it ends up in the garbage can.

    Last but not least, buy the best that you can afford, even if that means limiting quantity for the sake of quality. When you need to hit your preps, the world as you know it has come to an end. Your family will be seeing horrible things happening outside of the house. Food can be a form of comfort and when this happens you need to provide the best foods you can possibly put on your table. You can’t have your family see acquaintences dying and then face a meal that is horrible to eat.
    Your home needs to be a santuary of sorts, from the outside world. Having foods you would normally eat, that taste the way they expect them to taste, will make all the difference in the world to them.

    A lot of folks use the argument that they should be happy to have any food at all, when everyone is starving. No child thinks that way! They would rather go hungry than eat horrible food. You’ll hear about it all night long, so do yourself a favor now and stock the right stuff.

    You might want to try some media cream (found in the spanish food section.) It’s canned light cream and you can make it into soft serve ice cream (which I’ve done.) I now keep several cans on hand all the time. It really is light cream that does not need refrigeration. Great over fruit, in coffee, for baking etc etc etc.
    Put it in the fridge for 2 hours and it comes out of the can like pudding. Whip that with sugar (to taste) and a tsp of vanilla and you get ice cream (but you have to serve it right away, does not freeze well!)

    Well I hope the above helps.


    Thanks so much for the recommendation about the media cream. I’ve picked it up several times but never bought any, but i will now.
    I have quite a bit of the ‘every day’ preps done for now and I’m comfortable with those, I was talking about bulk long term items since I finally have the money to purchase the large stuff. I’m now working on the “if the world is never the same” stuff.
    I’ll also be making a trip to the long term hardware items like more specific hand tools and maybe even trying to set up solar panels at my MIL’s house.

    And really my hubby is OK with me buying tons of extra food and having fire extinguishers and such but I constantly try to get him to turn off the satellite t.v. and get rid of the X-box but for him that’s a step too far.To him those are necessities. :rolleyes:


    Howdy folks,
    I’ve been a prepper most of my 50+ years. Mom always stocked up on sales, so I guess I can blame her. lol. I’ve been on the yahoo selfreliant type groups for up to 12 years. We have our retreat, off grid, although it still needs lots of work. Hope to learn more here.


    Glad to be part of the forum and this community. We are Off The Grid Ready, an online retailer offering Emergency Preparedness, Survival Gear, Survival Kits and Emergency Essentials you’ll need for going off the grid to take care of you, your family and loved ones. We also carry long term food storage, freeze dried food and emergency supplies. When you visit our site, be sure and sign up for our newsletter to keep informed about important survival topics and to learn about new survival products we are continually adding to our online store. Thanks in advance and we are looking forward to being of service to you and your loved ones.


    Wow .. lots of preppers have joined since I last popped in here! Greetings from ‘zona everyone .. and welcome to APN! Make yourselves at home and please jump in wherever you can since we all learn from each other. 🙂 itsa


    Hi All,

    new member here…Day 1, Post 1. i stumbled over a link to this site through Facebook and decided to check it out.

    Me? I’m a married mom of 3, retired Army vet (23 years), love to garden and can and live in GA, about an hour NE of ATL. our area has been a great place to raise kids….but i hate it. in a few more years the kids will be out of the house and DH and i plan to get out of here and find ourselves a few acres to call home (TN maybe).

    i look forward to seeing everything this site has to offer as well as meeting my fellow members.

    all the best,



    Welcome, patticakes! Love your sig!


    Good morning and thanks for the forum. Found your site through my affiliation with Big John Libscomb. Hope to find some good connections, information and affiliations through here. Starting a dehydrated food and survival gear business down here in South Florida so we will see how it goes. I think this forum looks like a great resource. God Bless

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