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    Greetings lilbear68, KDanagger, nnelsosj, tangobird, imaprepper, Matt, FreedomV and all other new preppers who have joined since I popped in here last time..! 🙂 Great to see you all here, make yourselves at home and jump in where / when you can..! itsa


    Morning All, new prepper in PA looking forward to chatting with everyone. Hope the weekend treated everyone well.


    Welcome to the forum misiuprep and glad to have you here from Idaho. Be sure to ask if you have any questions.


    HI new people!!


    New member from CT. Prepping for awhile, but just came across this site while trying to chase down local bulk food resources.


    hello out there from Hershey Ne.


    Hi Will. Welcome to the site. Be sure to register at your state site as well.


    Glad to see you here from Idaho Will. Be sure to ask if you have any questions.


    Thank you! This is all quite new to me, so please bear with my lack of skill and grace within this medium. I have lived the lifestyle that most here prefer, having been raised to such type and ways of thought. I look forward to future conversations on many subjects, my main areas of skill are within the realm of woodworking, gardening, and herbs. I curently reside within the Ohio Territory, in the NorthWest Quadrant.

    Blessings unto all,



    Glad to see you Ed the Pilgrim from Idaho. please ask if you have any questions.


    Just found you folks today. I hope to find people in my own state via the state forums, to make friends, meet, and chat, see first hand, how to do all this stuff!

    We learned (wife and I) how to prep for our family in the foods realm, due to Y2K. Since then, those seem like the ‘good old days.’ 😀
    But we’re still needing to work our way through cases of unused food from back then!! :rofl: LOL
    My goal in the next six months, is to learn to bake ‘our daily bread’ from all that wheat kernels we bought, and not go to the store during the Holidays, except for the Turkey and assorted fresh veggies. Dad’s getting a Grain Mill for a Christmas present- whoo-hoo. Julekakke, here we come! I may even give some loaves of bread as Xmas presents this year- he he.

    Anyway. that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it….. 😉


    Glad to have you here from Idaho Unonius2. Just started baking bread myself. Made few loafs yesterday and put apple in a couple. Good posts on here about all kinds of cooking and a lot of people willing to help. What state are you in if I can ask? Enjoy the forum, topics are endless.


    welcome to all the new members that have joined since i went home for the funeral. Glad to have you all with us!

    oops (You cannot make another post so soon after your last)


    Greetings from Montana. I found the network while researching an article I’m writing on general emergency preparation and backup power sources. You seem like my kind of folks. I’m glad to be here, and look forward to learning a lot more.



    We are in Oregon with 5 in my family. Me the prepper, my wife the unconverted, the oldest daughter that thinks I am wierd and sides with her mom, the middle daughter that would jump off a cliff with me and the 1 year old who pop’s smoke when she needs a diaper change. I still have chance with her 😀

    I not listing supplies …..but were good for 4-6 months if the ammo holds out. My next door neighbor is a confirmed Zombie Killer and full on quack job but he is very helpful and has the training.

    even though we are in the so called “country” it ain’t far enough from Salem, 8 miles. If TSHTF I am concerned that we will need to BO within a couple of days. The problem is where and getting there. Fortunatly we have horses but I can just barely stand them.

    anyway just checking in.

Viewing 15 posts - 346 through 360 (of 1,275 total)
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